Coalition for A Better 80       Arlington • Medford • Somerville
Route 80 bus on Boston Avenue

The MBTA plans on suspending service on Route 80 when the Green Line Extension opens.
East of College Avenue, that makes sense, as the bus runs parallel to the new light rail service.
West of College Avenue,
A Better 80 to Arlington Heights would provide Somerville, Medford, and Arlington neighborhoods with convenient access to the new Green Line and Boston.
Join your neighbors in supporting A Better 80 bus service connecting the new Green Line Extension with Somerville, Medford, and Arlington neighborhoods. Join our Facebook group to lend your support to our effort.


Walk off the train, get on the bus. A Better 80 would align service to allow for a fast, easy transfer from Green Line trains to buses. Click here for a sample Route 80 bus schedule and weekday travel times.

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The current Route 80:
Current 80
A Better 80:

A better Route 80